Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Boston

According to the Massachussets Dept. of Health and Human Services, roughly 60% of drug rehab admissions in Boston are for opiates. These include heroin as well as prescription painkillers, and is among the highest rates of any city in the nation.

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In addition, more than two-thirds of the drug-related overdose deaths in the area were attributed to opiates as well. Boston and the entire Massachusetts coastal towns are prime targets for heroin shipments. The heroin, methadone, and other opioid trade and usage continues to be a major problem for the citizens in Boston, thus making it essential for quality drug rehabs to exist.

Boston Drug Rehab Statistics

Boston drug rehab helpBoston has about 18,000 drug rehab admissions per year, which makes up more than 15% of the entire state. These numbers represent total admissions and can include those entering treatment for a second time or more within the same year. If you or a loved one has already gone to one or more treatment centers in Boston and would like help locating something different, contact us today for more information.

The number of rehab admissions in Boston has decreased over the last ten years from a high of more than 23,000. It is unclear whether this decrease was due to a lack of beds or other accessibility issue, or if it was because less people were in need of treatment. Of the total admissions in the city, about three quarters were male, the same amount were never married (whether male or female) and more than half were between the ages of 21 and 39. Two-thirds of them had completed high school, while one-third of them had already had some type of mental health or substance abuse treatment.

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